About us

T-Cake NV is a family company grown from two Flemish bakery families, who have been offering “delicious” tarts, pastries and cakes baked according to traditional practices for over 70 years.

With the company vision “Innovation grows only if it is rooted in tradition” Dirk Peers has created a unique combination from the T-Cake family business from on the one hand the solid and broad knowledge about cakes and on the other hand the innovative power of its team of product developers and nutritionists.

The authentic baking process is done in its own bakery in accordance with the strictest quality and taste standards, and

T-Cake, as an international family business, has certificates with which they satisfy BRC, IFS and ACP standards and for the US market it has FDA certificates.

T-Cake has chosen to focus on traditional cake and indulgence food made from high quality fruit and high quality ingredients.

The consumer can experience the unique taste sensation of authentic and delicious cake in the wide range of T-Cake products.

T-Cake products are offered fresh and frozen through retail and food services